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What makes a good wedding GREAT!

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

People think planning a wedding can be stressful - and yes it can be to a point - but when you use suppliers that are reliable, who always provide quality equipment then the stresses to the job become less and less every time, wedding planning is all about being prepared - in any eventuality.

Over the years I have weathered storms - had to re arrange rooms - last minute add ons last minute video speeches - change of diets - change of venues!

At Destination we aim to be able to provide you with the best you can hire for your wedding or event - wether it's an all singing all dancing sound system to get the party started, fairy lights to give it that special look, a photo-booth to capture your guests or to have you covered in chance of rain, at Destination Koh Samui we aim to deliver.

Photo booth props

Fairy lights over head

A whiskey and cigar bar for guests

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